how to search for software of different baseline?

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1) I have a folder with many subfolders and files that I need to baseline, so as to identify that all these files are of version 1. (only files needs to be identify, folders don't need)

2) then a few months later, I would want to baseline the same set of files to version 2.

3) in between version 1 and version 2, only 200 out of 1000 files are modified.

4) then a few more months later (and also a few files are modified between version 2 and 3), I would want to baseline the same set of files to version 3.

5) how do I search the 200 files that are modified between version 1 and 2?

Thank you very much
Note: I'm using SOS version 5 client and I also have SOS server

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To create your "baseline" you could use the label function. ... e-vss.html

You can get a copy of that label, which will give you the file versions at the time of the label.

SourceOffSite provides a remote connection to a SourceSafe database. Source control functionality is determined by SourceSafe. As far as I can tell, SourceSafe has no easy built-in way to compare two labels.

You could do a Get of each label to two different folders and then use a folder compare tool to see what files have changed. Also, I found this on the Internet, which may be of help: ... 54246.aspx
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