Problem with Linux Client 4.0.0

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Problem with Linux Client 4.0.0

Post by Leslie » Thu Nov 11, 2004 4:06 pm

Below is a description of what is happening to the user (in his words):

I sometimes have a really severe problem occur with SOS. The problem is as follows:

1. I checkout a bunch of files.
2. I make my changes.
3. I check in the changed files.

I get no indication of a problem, but nothing gets checked in. And, even worse, all of my checked out files get restored to their original state prior to any changes - in other words every change gets totally lost.

I first saw this happen a few weeks ago. This occurred for a few days and then cleared up.
It happened again today. Unfortunately, I saved my source tree AFTER the check in and lost alot of changes.

Any help will be appreciated

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