Release Notes for 5.1

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Release Notes for 5.1

Post by jclausius » Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:15 pm

Installation Notes

Please ensure you have a verified backup of your database before upgrading, and upgrade at a time when it is convenient to not have access to the server. On very large Vault installations, the upgrade may take several hours.

Vault 5.1 does not support Dragnet integration. Users requiring integrated work item tracking should investigate SourceGear Vault Professional. Vault Professional is an integrated solution for application lifecycle management (ALM), including work item tracking and work item clients integrated into Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Vault 5.1 is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Vault. In essence, Vault 5.1.x clients will only interact with Vault 5.1.x servers and vice versa. Vault 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x clients and servers are not compatible with Vault 5.1 clients and servers.

For details on Vault licensing, including upgrade policies and demo keys, please see the Licensing FAQ.

Known issues:

Important note when upgrading from the 4.0.6 release: There was a bug in the uninstall routine for the 4.0.6 for users who installed the server and the client together using the server's installer. Upgrading in that situation will succeed, but leave two client shortcuts on the desktop. Please follow the instructions at for instructions on removing the 4.0.6 server and client before upgrading.

When using the VS Enhanced Client's "Open From Vault" functionality in Visual Studio 2008, you will not be able to open solutions that have not yet been upgraded by Visual Studio to the Visual Studio 2008 format.

What's New Since Vault 5.0.4:
  • Vault is now named Vault Standard. A premium version of Vault, Vault Professional, is also available. Vault Professional includes all the features of Vault, plus such features as an integrated work item tracking system.
  • Resolved issue where a history query for a given folder displayed duplicate history entries when branching had occurred in a sub-folder to another sub-folder within the same given folder.
Windows GUI client
  • Introduced a new behavior for selecting items in the Change Set tab through check boxes. This is phase one of a change that will soon bring a "Tree View" to change sets.
Upgrading From Previous Versions

It is recommended that you backup your Vault database prior to an upgrade. This can be done from either the Vault Admin tool, or the SQL Enterprise Manager tool.

To upgrade from a previous installation of Vault, simply invoke the new installer, and choose the same options that were selected when Vault was previously installed. Program files and configuration settings will be automatically updated to reflect the upgrade. Note that the server installation will not delete your database unless you explicitly tell it to.

You may also safely uninstall Vault first, and then install the upgrade. As with installation, an uninstall will not delete your database unless you explicitly tell it to.

If you are upgrading past multiple versions of Vault, please consult the Upgrading Guide.

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