Vault 2.0 doesn't work with Visual Studio.Net 2002

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Vault 2.0 doesn't work with Visual Studio.Net 2002

Post by dan » Fri Feb 13, 2004 4:26 pm

If you load Vault 2.0, and bring up Visual Studio .Net 2002 and get an "Object Reference" error, you will have discovered that Vault 2.0 does not work with VS 2002 out of the box.

This is because Vault 2.0 uses the .Net framework 1.1, and VS2002 must use the 1.0 framework.

But, there is a work-around. We have a specially compiled Vault 2.0 IDE component that was compiled with the 1.0 framework, and works with VS 2002. It does not have an installer, but does have a readme for how to configure it. You can download it at:

Note: This patch only works with Vault 2.0.x installations. There is no Vault 3.0 solution for VS 2002, so if you upgrade Vault, you will need to upgrade Visual Studio as well.

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