Visual Studio Status Icons or Glyphs

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Visual Studio Status Icons or Glyphs

Post by lbauer » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:24 am

A key feature of Vault is the ability for users to see the status of their files in the working folder. The “status” description compares the file in the working folder to the repository version.

In the Vault GUI client, the status is indicated by a descriptive word, such as Missing, Renegade, Needs Merge, and Edited or "blank". For a complete description of Vault file status, see this KB article:

In Visual Studio, file status is indicated by a small icon or glyph. The glyphs you see in Visual Studio depend on whether you are using VSS mode (checkout-edit-commit) or CVS mode (edit-merge-commit).
The following images show examples of glyphs used in Visual Studio integration with Vault.

Visual Studio Enhanced Client – VSS mode:
  • Blue padlock (solution Hello World) -- The file/project/solution is under source control and is the same as the repository version.

    Tiny person (Helloworld1) -- The file is checked out exclusively.

    Red checkmark (Hello 1.cs) -- The file is checked out by you.

    Red and white hourglass (Hello world2) -- The file in your working folder is old or out of date.

    Blue flag (Hello 2.cs) – the file is renegade -- The file is modified but not checked out. The blue flag may also indicate the file is in a Needs Merge state.
VSSMode _VS2010.jpg
VS 2010 VSS Mode
VSSMode _VS2010.jpg (18.7 KiB) Viewed 8447 times
Visual Studio Enhanced Client – CVS Mode
This image shows a solution that uses CVS mode. With CVS mode, files do not need to be checked out before they are edited. Transactions are added to the pending change set and then committed to the repository.
  • Green circle with checkmark ( Hello world1) –The item is under source control and is the same version as the item in the repository.

    I-bar icon (Hello 1.CS and HelloWorld4) -- The file is modified.

    Blue flag (Class 1.cs) -- The file is in a needs merge state.

    Yellow triangle with an exclamation point “!” (Hello 4.CS) -- The file is listed in the project file, and may be in the repository, but is not in the working directory.

    Red and white hourglass (Hello2.cs) -- The file in your working folder is old or out of date.

    Yellow plus sign, “+” (Aboutbox1.cs) -- The file is in the working folder, but has not yet been added to source control.
VS 2010 CVS Mode
CVSMode.jpg (19.31 KiB) Viewed 8447 times
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