FAQ: Moving Vault Databases to another directory

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FAQ: Moving Vault Databases to another directory

Post by jeremy_sg » Mon Feb 16, 2004 3:48 pm

The easiest way to move the Vault databases to another directory is to detach the Vault databases, move the sgvault.mdf and sgvault_log.ldf and sgmaster.mdf and sgmaster_log.ldf files to the new location and re-attach the databases.

If you have SQL Server Management Studio, these are the steps:

1 ) Open MS SQL Server Management Studio

2) In the Console tree, expand the node of the machine hosting the sgvault database.

3) Expand the Databases node, right-click on the sgvault database, and select All Tasks -> Detach . . .
Follow the prompts.

4) Move sgvault.mdf and sgvault_log.ldf to the new location on the same machine.

5) In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on Databases and select All Tasks -> Attach. . .
Follow the prompts to the new location of the sgvault.mdf file.

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