FAQ: Login error You have more active users than valid

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FAQ: Login error You have more active users than valid

Post by jeremy_sg » Mon Feb 16, 2004 3:56 pm

When anyone tries to login, people may get the following error; "You have more active users than valid licenses. User accounts are disabled until admin de-activates some users."

This situation can occur if you run a VSS import, and the number of VSS logins is greater than the number of Vault licenses you bought. With SourceGear Vault, you can have accounts listed in the Vault repository that do not tie up a license if you deactivate those users. This means that user name will not be able to log in, but all of the data regarding that user and their corresponding actions remain in tact.

To correct this problem, launch the Vault admin tool. Log on as admin. Go to the users pane, and find a user listed who will not be using Vault. Click Edit User. On that dialog you will see a check box which says "active" and is currently checked. Disable that check box.

Repeat the above steps until the number of active users matches the number of licenses you have purchased.

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