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Notification Logging

Post by lbauer » Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:24 pm

Vault Notifications are created by the Vault Notify Service plugin. You can use the notification log to troubleshoot errors in the Notify Service.

The Notify Service log is called vaultnotifyservice.txt and can be found at: C:\Windows\Temp\SGVaultNotify\vaultnotifyservice.txt on the Vault Server machine.

By default, logging is Error only. You can enable enhanced log entries to assist SourceGear Tech Support in tracking down problems within Notify Service web service interface.

First, open the Vault Notify Service web.config file in: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\VaultService\VaultNotifyService.

Locate this line in the web.config file:

<add key="classesToLog" value="" />

For classes to log, you can use either "pluginnotify" or "pluginnotifydebug," or both.


Code: Select all

<add key="classesToLog" value="pluginnotify" />
<add key="classesToLog" value="pluginnotify,pluginnotifydebug" />
The value "pluginnotify" provides general information regarding plugin events, code paths, etc. When used in addition to "pluginnotifydebug," it provides additional information regarding what is happening in the notification plugin code.

Contact SourceGear Technical Support, support at for the classes to log for your specific issue.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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