Error: "no rights to view any items in this repository"

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Error: You have no rights to view any items in this repository

This error does not indicate just one issue. The most common issues it points to are incorrect security settings or inconsistencies in the client-side cache. It’s also possible that it could indicate a more serious issue.

Some possible solutions to this error might be:

Check security. Security examples and how to ensure your user has repository access can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=21607&p=73007#p73007.

Client-side cache may be out of sync. Clear or rename your client side cache per the instructions posted here: Clear Client Side Cache

If all users have the same problem, it could be the server-side caching. Reset IIS by going to Start – Run and typing iisreset. The reset will flush the server cache. This will cause everyone to be disconnected from all web services for about one minute. In some cases it may be necessary to have users clear their cache and perform an iisreset prior to anyone opening their client.

If those three options don’t help, then increase logging and look for more details about the error. To increase logging on the Vault Server Log, go to your admin web page, click the link for logging, change ‘Quiet’ to ‘Debug,’ and click Save. Instructions for starting up the client-side logging can be found here: Client Side Logging.

It is very possible that the ‘no rights’ error isn’t the only error. If you see “Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint” in your logs or any error referencing SQL server, then email support at and send the logs with your email.
Beth Kieler
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