Moving your VSS database into Vault

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Moving your VSS database into Vault

Post by lbauer » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:22 pm

SourceGear provides options for transitioning your code from a SourceSafe database to a Vault repository.

1 ) An easy option is to do a Get from SourceSafe to your local drive, then add the files to Vault, where they will be at version 1. This will appeal to users who don't need to maintain their old VSS code, and prefer to leave their historical code in VSS for occasional access.

Pros: Fast and easy

Cons: No VSS history; pins and shares are not brought over.

2) Vault has a VSS Import Tool which brings all your code into Vault, along with source code history.

Pros: VSS code and history are imported into Vault, including shares, pins, and labels.

Cons: The import gets one version at a time from VSS and adds it to Vault, so it can take days to recreate your entire source code history. VSS databases often have minor database corruption which may not be seen using VSS. These corruptions may cause the import to fail or skip file versions.

3) Handoff brings the latest code from VSS into Vault, where it is at Version 1. The Vault Server maintains a connection with the VSS database so users can see VSS historical versions in Vault history.

Pros: Handoff lets you start using Vault quickly. Handoff Preserves your VSS shares and pins.
Cons: You'll maintain your VSS database until you no longer need it for historical versions.

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