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A collection of information about Vault, including solutions to common problems.

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Installation and Upgrades
ASPNET account not found on Vault server install
Uninstalling the Vault Client breaks Internet Explorer
Vault 3.5.2 Server Installation Failure
Installing Vault Server 4.1 on Vista/IIS7 (x86 or x64)
Installing Vault on 64-bit Operating Systems
How to uninstall Vault 4.0.6 Server
Vault 3.0 upgrade policies
Do not use .NET 2.0 prior to Vault 3.0
FAQ: What is the cost of the upgrade to Vault 2.0?
Running Vault on an IIS 5 Domain Controller

Connection/Login Problems
Configuring IIS 6.0 to run in IIS 5.0 isolation mode
CryptoAPI error on Windows Server 2003 IIS5.0 isolation mode
Windows Update KB973917 stops Vault App Pool
Error with the encrypted password for the sgvaultuser

Configuration Issues
XML stored procedures are not supported in fibers mode
Failed to loadMsxml2.dll error on checkin
Using IdentitySwitcher to configure identity impersonation
Moving from SOS Collaborative Edition to Vault + Dragnet
Vista SP1 stops IIS
Set up Email Notifications prior to Vault 6.0
Vault 2.0 Client Diagnostics Tool

Plugin Configuration: Shadow Folders, Notify Service, Index Service
Shadow Folder Service Configuration Error
FAQ: Shadow Folders with UNC Paths / Windows 2003 Server
Shadow Folders on Windows 2003 Server

SQL Issues
SQL Server 2000 SP4 doesn't support repository deletion

Visual Studio IDE Integration
IDE vs. GUI Client
Logging in the IDE
Branching a project stills checks out file from trunk in IDE
Renaming or Deleting Files within Visual Studio.Net (Classic Client)
Opening a shared IDE project changes working folder
Login issue with VB 6 on Windows 2003 Server
Converting a VS.Net 2003 project to Visual Studio 2005
Creating a VS.Net web project with Vault (Vault Classic Client and before VS 2005)
Vault 2.0 doesn't work with Visual Studio.Net 2002

Vault Client
Available Vault Client Logging Classes
.Net Framework 1.1 SP1 Causes Vault Client to hang

Client API
Jeremy's blog on API topics

Vault on Unix
Vault on Unix with Mono

Fortress/Vault Integration for Dreamweaver
How to Install Vault Dreamweaver Extension

Vault Tools Built by Vault Power Users
Find Files Command Line Utility
GUI version of Find Files/File Search Tool above
Modified Command Line Client that shows differences between labels
Beth Kieler
SourceGear Technical Support

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