Set up Emails and Notifications in Vault 6.0 and later

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Server-side Set Up

1) Set up email information in Admin website. If your mail server requires authentication, enter the SMTP authenticating username and password. Make sure the password is saved during setup. For the Server URL, you may need to enter in a Fully Qualified Domain Name instead of just a machine name or an IP address if there are any problems resolving the name. For example, instead of machinename, you might have

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2) Put the user’s email addresses into their user page.

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Notifications in the Vault GUI client

1) In the Vault GUI client, go to Tools - Options - Notifications.

2) Enable the type of Notifications you wish to receive.
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3) Next click on Source Control Notifications to select which paths to watch, or if you want certain actions across all paths, click on the Source Control Events tab.

4) If you are using Vault Professional, you can click on SourceGear Work Items to select the projects for which you want to receive notifications. If you wish to receive some events across all projects, click on the Work Item Events tab and configure the settings there.

Web-Only User
This option is only available in Vault Professional. Web-only users can find the link to email settings under their Preferences (http://your Vault server/VaultPro/DisplayPrefs.aspx).
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Troubleshooting tip: If you do not receive email notifications as expected:
1) Try changing the email settings in the admin web page. In particular, check the server URL.

2) Can you ping the SMTP server?

3) Can you login to email using the username and password you entered into the email settings in the admin web page?

4) Can you access Vault using the server URL in a Fortress or Vault GUI client?

5) Try a public SMTP server for the email settings in the admin web page. There are many resources on the internet with information on how to use Gmail, Yahoo, and other web mail services as SMTP servers. If it works with another provider, but not your own, then it may be either a problem with the information you entered in the email settings in the admin web page or there could be a problem with your internal mail server.
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