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When you are installing or upgrading Vault, you will be prompted for the SQL server connection string. The default is (local).

It is possible to install more than one instance of SQL Server on a machine and each instance will have a unique name.

A SQL connect string is in the form of machine\instance. If the SQL Server was installed as a default instance, then the connect string is simply the machine name.

You can use (local) or "localhost" when the SQL Server has been installed as a default instance on the same machine that will host the Vault server.

If you are using SQL Express, the connect string is in the form of machine\sqlexpress. If SQL Express has been installed on the same machine that will host the Vault server, use .\sqlexpress as the connect string.

If you are unsure of what your connect string should be, open your SQL Server Management Studio and use the connection name that is entered into your login window.
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