Creating a VS.Net web project with Vault

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Creating a VS.Net web project with Vault

Post by jeremy_sg » Tue Feb 17, 2004 2:32 pm

When deciding to implement Vault and VS.NET integration for web projects, there are a number of pieces that need to be put together.

The best place to start is by familiarizing yourself with web projects. The following MSDN article is a great overview. ... dionet.asp

Additionally, there is information within VS.NET itself. You can find by going to the help, and search for “web project”. Find the article entitled “Introduction to Web Projects”.

In order to get started, you must have installed Vault correctly.

1. Create a new Vault repository or use the default repository supplied by Vault.

2. From the Vault Admin client, create Vault users

3. Have everyone set Vault as their source code control provider. This can be done from the Vault GUI client by going to tools -> options -> General. Check the box next to “Make Vault your default Source Code Control provider”

Next, an initial developer must set up the web project in VS.NET.

4. Convert your current project into a VS.NET Web project as outlined in the above articles.

5. Once your project is a VS.NET Web project, right click on the solution, and choose “Add to Source Control”

6. You will be asked to log into Vault.

7. Choose the blank repository you created earlier.

8. Choose a location in that repository that matches the name of your Web project. A folder will be created with the name of your solution. For example, adding the solution WebSolution to $/trunk/src will create a folder named $/trunk/src/WebSolution.

9. You will be prompted to choose another location (for project files). Make sure to choose a <b>different</b> folder than the one that was created in the last step (for example $/trunk/src/WebSolution/WebProject), otherwise, you will have the same folder in Vault pointing to two different working folders on disk, which will cause problems in the IDE.

Now other people are ready to connect. They can now access the Web project from within VS.NET as follows:

10. Open VS.NET and select File -> Source Control -> Open From Source Control. You should be prompted to login to the Vault Server. Complete the login and choose the IDE project you want to open.

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