Vault 7.2.1 Release Notes

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The following issues are addressed in Vault Standard 7.2 and Vault Standard 7.2.1 :

Vault Standard Server Install
  • Web.config settings are retained for Index Server and Notification Server during an upgrade
GUI Client
  • The Label File dialog displays a file's repository path in a scrollable edit control
  • The File List retains re-ordered position of each column
  • History Explorer can now be closed with the 'Esc' key
Web Client
  • User can now click the Checkins tab while $/ is selected
  • A new option in the Web UI allows file history to be retrieved with or without labels
  • All Reports now use a Fixed Header that does not scroll with report data
  • Repository path for the "Label Contents" report can be chosen from the Repository Tree
    [url][/url]The "Checked Out Items" report now requires a repository
  • The Print and Zoom buttons have been removed from all Reports within Internet Explorer to conform with Firefox, Chrome and Safari UI
  • Column headers of the repository's file list remain visible when switching to other repositories
  • The "Last Activity" report now includes the text '(All Repositories)'
Web Admin Client
  • The Web Admin Client UI has been streamlined requiring less navigation
  • The Undo Check Out page has added a drop down combo box to filter by user
  • The Undo Check Out page can now sort correctly using the Check Out date
  • A busy indicator displays for long running operations
  • Column headers have been changed to Fixed Headers that do not scroll for Repositories, Users, Groups, etc.
  • Can now remove Handoff VSS Sources
  • The Change User Password UI has been reworked
  • Clicking the "Select All" checkbox for Obliterate correctly selects and deselects all items
  • The warning message when deleting a repository has been clarified
  • Users are no longer prompted to add Handoff VSS Sources after adding a license key
  • Backups made through the Web Admin Client are now sorted in Date Descending order
Eclipse Plug-in
  • Fixed problems with the Vault Event engine so Vault messages are now displayed within the Eclipse IDE
Vault Standard Server
  • Concurrency has been improved drastically reducing the number of Login failures from automated processes
Vault Notification Server
  • Optimized and improved the time required to process Email and Application Notifications for large repositories

The following Vault 7.2 Standard issues were addressed in this release:

Web Admin Client
  • Newly added users are saved correctly with the default of Vault Authentication
  • Fixed issue when saving Repository Options when configured with FogBugz integration
  • Saving an edited or newly added Group now works correctly
  • Newly added Repository Groups have eliminated duplicate entries
  • When viewing users, the Active Directory Authentication correctly displays the "Try all domains" value
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