FAQ: Opening a shared IDE project changes working folder

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FAQ: Opening a shared IDE project changes working folder

Post by jeremy_sg » Tue Feb 17, 2004 2:35 pm

This behavior is caused by information stored by Visual Studio in the project file for each VS project. We currently do not have a fix for this problem. However, you can easily work around the issue.

Let's say you create a VC++ project called "ProjectA" within Visual Studio 6.0. Then, you add the project to source control to a folder called "Original" using Vault as the default source control provider.

You close Visual Studio, open the Vault Windows Client, and share this project into a new Vault folder called "Share".

So the Vault source tree looks as follows:

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|_ Original
  |_ ProjectA
|_ Share
  |_ ProjectA
After the share, set a working folder for the shared folder ($/Share/ProjectA) in the Vault Windows Client. Then, edit the project file (ProjectA.dsp) in Notepad with the following changes:

Change the line

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# PROP Scc_ProjName "$/Original/ProjectA"

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# PROP Scc_ProjName "$/Share/ProjectA"
Save this change and check in the "ProjectA.dsp" file.

At this point, you can either perform a recursive Get Latest operation on "$/Shared/ProjectA" in the Windows Client, then open the project in Visual Studio, or launch Visual Studio and perform an Open From Source Control operation on "$/Shared/ProjectA".

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