Cant connect Java Vault CPC, Vault CLC, Eclipse or ANT

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Cant connect Java Vault CPC, Vault CLC, Eclipse or ANT

Post by jclausius » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:22 am

On some Mac and Linux based systems some connectivity issues have been reported preventing the Vault CPC, Vault CLC, Vault Eclipse plug-in, or Vault ANT task to not connect to the Vault Server. The issue seems to be related to the Java networking libraries and DNS. The following steps may help resolve the connectivity issues:

1) Before proceeding please do the following:

Make a copy of your hosts file ( Terminal - "sudo cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.bak )
Determine the machine's name ( Terminal - "hostname" )

2) Immediately after the line with this text, " localhost" add the following, " your_hostname_here"

For example, on my laptop named "LAPTOP-13456":

Code: Select all   localhost   LAPTOP-13456
3) Reboot the machine

After the change and restart, try the Vault client. Did that resolve the problem? If not, remove the /etc/hosts file and rename (move) the hosts file back to its original name, as the problem may be elsewhere.
Jeff Clausius

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