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Client Diagnostics Tool

Post by sterwill » Mon Jan 05, 2004 11:13 am

For Vault version 2.0
Vault uses numeric IDs internally to track folders and files in your repositories. The Windows Forms and IDE clients don't display these IDs directly to users, but occasionally they are needed to diagnose client-side problems. Vault can also store working folder data (baseline versions of working files) in hard-to-find directory, depending on user settings. A program called the Client Diagnostics Tool can be freely downloaded from SourceGear ( ... sticsTool/) to assist in the retrieval of this information.

Installing The Tool

The tool is a single Windows Forms executable which should be downloaded and placed in the directory where the Vault Windows Forms client is installed (usually C:\Program Files\SourceGear\Vault Client\). The file is named ClientDiagnosticsTool-<tool version>-vault<vault version>.exe, where tool version is the version of the tool itself (choose the most recent) and vault version is the version of Vault the tool is compiled for (choose the version you have installed).

Using the Tool

Run the tool from the installed client directory. A window will appear. Choose Connect to Server... from the File menu and log in to the Vault server of your choice.

Once connected, select a file or folder from the Repository Explorer and use the context menu to perform one of the following commands:
  • Explore Hidden Data Folder Opens an Explorer window in the folder containing the baseline versions and state file for the selected folder or file. Don't modify or delete the files in this folder unless instructed to by SourceGear support.
  • Validate Cached Versions... Computes the CRC values for all cached baseline versions of the selected file and compares them against versions retrieved from the server. Use this command to verify that none of your cached baseline versions is corrupt.
  • Show Extended Information... Opens a new window with extended information for the selected file or folder (including the ID, ObjVerID, hidden data folder path, and more).

Use this tool as instructed by SourceGear support. Although the tool is designed to not modify working folder data, it has not been extensively tested, and bugs may cause bad things to happen.

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