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With the release of the new SourceGear Vault Visual Studio Enhanced Client, users will need to rebind projects and solutions from the SourceGear Vault Classic Client. The manual steps for converting a project can be found at: viewtopic.php?t=7937

We now support a tool which can automatically rebind solutions and projects. You can find that tool attached to this post. Usage details:

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To change the binding of your solution and referenced projects from the MSSCCI to the VSIP plugin, use the following options:

Usage: [-t[est]] [-f[ortress] | -v[ault]] -u[sername] <username> -p[assword] <password> <solution.sln>

    Your username and password are required to lookup the repository id; no files will be checked in or out.

    You may select the Fortress or Vault version of the plugin; by default the Vault plugin will be selected.

    The -test option writes all changes to .test suffixed versions of the .sln and various project files without altering the input files; you can use this for dry run testing.

To unbind the your solution and referenced projects from any source code control plugin, use the following options:

Usage: [-t[est]] [-r[emove]] <solution.sln>

The power toy can be downloaded from

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