Unable to decrypt user key

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Unable to decrypt user key

Post by lbauer » Thu Feb 12, 2004 9:38 am

This error occurs when a secure connection is not possible because an incompatible key exists in the SourceOffSite Client folder.

User keys are created with two variables -- a server name and a user name. These may be read in the import key file (.iky). The server name and user name used to create a user key must be formatted the same as the server name and user name used to connect to the SourceOffSite Server. For example, this error would occur if the key were created with a fully qualified domain name and the Client attempted to log in with an IP address.

There are two ways to get past this error message:
  • Connect to the Server using the same variables used to create the User Key. Make sure there is not an invisible trailing space after the servername.
  • Create a new User Key using the variables used to connect to the Server. If a new key is generated, it must be imported into the Client.
If users are connecting to an external IP address that is different from the actual IP address of the SOS server, use the external IP address to create the encryption key.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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