Error 1067

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Error 1067

Post by lbauer » Thu Feb 12, 2004 9:59 am

Error 1067 occurs when there is a configuration problem with the SourceOffSite Server. The log file in the SourceOffSite folder on the server machine will help identify the cause of the error. Typically, Error 1067 happens for one of three reasons:
  • The serial number configured in the Server Manager is invalid. The System Info tab of the Server Manager should report how many licenses are configured and when the licenses expire.
  • The SourceOffSite Server service is unable to open the SourceSafe database. This can happen if the SourceSafe database is physically located on a different drive or machine than the SourceOffSite Server. By default, the SourceOffSite Server service runs as a system account. Since the system account is unique on every machine, it will not have access to a database on a different drive or machine. This problem may be resolved by running the Server service as an NT/2000/XP domain account. To configure this, choose Startup from the Services Control Panel. Examine the Log On As option and make sure it is set to a valid network user name. For example: domainname\username.
  • Pin Support is enabled in the Server Manager but the path to ss.exe file has not been specified. This path is configured in the Pin Support tab of the SourceOffSite Server Manager. Unless it has been moved, the ss.exe file can usually be found in C:\...\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\SS.exe. Once you identify your ss.exe file, highlight it and click Open. This path will be entered in the Path to ss.exe text box. Click OK and a dialog box will pop up reminding you to restart your SourceOffSite Server.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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