Deleting folders in the SOS Server temp directory

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Deleting folders in the SOS Server temp directory

Post by lbauer » Thu Jun 24, 2004 8:54 am

The SourceOffSite Server creates a temporary directory for each client user
when a session is started. The directory is named for the user and a random
string of numbers, and is located in the temp directory located in the
SourceOffSite Server directory. For example, user 'Bob' would have a temp
directory called \sos\temp\bob3847092870438.

When the Server is transferring a file to the Client, the Server copies the file
to the temp director. When the transfer is complete, the Server deletes the
file. In a normal situation, when the Client is inactive, the temp directory is
empty. When the user exits the session the server should remove this

Sometimes these folders are left behind due to a broken connection, etc. While these folders are usually
benign, if the temp directory is full of these folders, SourceGear would suggest
the following

1. Be sure no one is logged into the SourceOffSite server
2. Stop the SourceOffSite server service.
3. Delete all subfolders in the temp directory
4. Restart the SOS Server service.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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