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SourceOffSite 5 Unknown Files

Post by jclausius » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:58 am

There was an issue regarding the generation of the SourceOffSite 5 cache structure which lead to "Unknown" files after a restart of the SourceOffSite client (SOS). This occurred in both SOS 5 as well as SOS 5.0.1, and has been addressed in SOS 5.0.2.

In order to fix the problem you must:
  1. Make a listing of your WORKING FOLDER assignments. This can be seen in the SOS 5 GUI "working folder" dashboard tab.
  2. Shut down ALL SOS 5 clients - GUI client as well as any instance of an IDE client running in another process.
  3. Upgrade / install SourceOffSite 5.0.2.
  4. Delete your SOS 5 cache files. Within your LOCAL Application Data directory, there is a SourceGear\SourceOffsite\servers\ directory. This is the location of your cache files. The servers\ or all sub-folders under servers\ must be deleted. You can also rename the folders if you wish.
  5. Start the SOS 5.0.2 client. This will generate a NEW cache scheme, and use the fixed behavior of SOS 5.0.2.
  6. Reset all working folders using the data from the first step. If files are "unknown" you can use CRCs to update the file list OR re-retrieve the files.

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