How to determine the version of the VSS automation component

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There are variations in the way different versions of VSS Automation Component work with the SOS Server.

When we ask which version of VSS you are using, we specifically need the version number of the VSS automation component (ssapi.dll) used by the SOS Server machine.

If you are using VSS 6.0x with SOS, the ssapi.dll file is in the Win32 directory of the VSS Client installed on the SOS Server machine.
If you are using VSS 2005, the ssapi.dll file is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

NOTE: There may be more than one version of the ssapi.dll on the machine. To determine which is used by SOS Server, look under this registry key:

Code: Select all

The value will have the path to the specific ssapi.dll file used by SOS Server.

Once you've located the correct ssapi.dll file, the version information can be found on the from the file's context menu 'Properties' -> Version.
Linda Bauer
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