Failed Check In and the VSS Option "remove local copy..

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Failed Check In and the VSS Option "remove local copy..

Post by corey » Thu Jul 29, 2004 2:44 pm

Problem: Attempt to check in a file with SOS and the client reports that the operation failed, even though the check in did complete and the new revision is in the VSS database. In the SOS Server log file, the following error is shown: File "<filename>" not found

Solution: On the machine where the SOS Server is running, start the VSS Explorer application and check the following option in the Local Files tab:

"Remove local copy after Add or Check In"

If this option is on, it must be turned off. The SOS Server uses the VSS Automation component for interacting with the VSS database and the Automation component obeys this option. If the option is on, then the SOS Server will not be able to complete post-processing of the Check In operation leading to the error described above. Therefore, that option must be disabled in SourceSafe on the SOS Server machine.

This option is set for each VSS user profile. So you need to log in to the VSS client on the SOS Server machine as each SourceSafe user to fully disable the option.
Corey Steffen
SourceGear LLC

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