Moving From SOS Collab to SOS Classic with Dragnet

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Moving From SOS Collab to SOS Classic with Dragnet

Post by lbauer » Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:44 pm

Moving From SOS Collaborative Edition to SourceOffSite Classic 4.2 with Dragnet.

Making the transition from SOS Collab to SOS Classic with Dragnet is fairly straightforward. First, install SOS Classic and point it to your existing VSS database(s). Then, install Dragnet and import your SOS Collab bugs and discussions into Dragnet with the Collab Import Tool.

Contact our sales department to exchange your SOS Collab licenses for SOS and Dragnet licenses. These licenses are free for SOS Collab users. Email sgstore at

Here are the recommended steps to move from SOS Collab to SOS Classic 4.1 with Dragnet.

A. Install SourceOffSite Classic 4.2 (Note: SOS 3.x does not integrate with Dragnet)

1. Install SOS Classic on the same machine or same LAN as your VSS database(s).
System requirements are:
Windows 2000/XP Pro/2003

Version 1.1 or 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

Visual SourceSafe 6.0 or VSS 2005 Client
2. Add Database to the SOS Server Manager.

To add a database, press the Add button and then use the Browse button in the Add Database dialog to select the srcsafe.ini file corresponding to the SourceSafe database. The file name should be the full path of the srcsafe.ini file corresponding to the chosen database. To hide the physical location of the database, a database alias may be created for each database. If a database alias is created, only the alias name will be visible to SourceOffSite Clients. Click the OK button in the Add Database dialog to save the database path and alias.

When specifying a database that is on a different drive or a different machine from the SourceOffSite Server, the path to the database should be formatted with a UNC pathname and the SourceOffSite Server service should be run as a Domain account which has access to the directory where the VSS database resides. To configure the database path using a UNC pathname, browse for the srcsafe.ini file through Network Neighborhood as opposed to a mapped drive.

3. Start the SOS Server Service.

The SourceOffSite Server runs as a service. The SourceOffSite Server Service will be listed in the Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services. Right-click the SourceOffSite Server and select Properties>Logon. If the VSS database is on a different machine, we recommend using a Domain account for the SOS Server Service. After the Server service is configured, start the service.

Users should now be able to access the VSS database with SourceOffSite clients. After connecting to the SOS Server, users will log into the VSS database with their VSS usernames and passwords.

For full details on setting up the SOS Server, See SOS Help or Online help at ... efault.htm

B. Install Dragnet and import your SOS Collab Bugs and Discussions.
1. Install Dragnet on the same machine as SOS Classic or on another machine on the same LAN.
System Requirements are:
SQL Server 2000 and above; OR, MSDE 2000 and above. (MS SQL Server can be on the same machine as Dragnet or on another machine on the same LAN.)

IIS 5 or above with ASP.Net

.Net Framework 1.1
For Dragnet setup, see Dragnet Help or Online help at: ... efault.htm

2. Import your SOS Collab bugs into Dragnet

The Collab import tool will import your SOS Collab bugs and discussions into Dragnet.

To use the Collab import tool, create a SourceGear\Collab Import Tool directory and extract the Import Tool files. Double-click CollabImport.exe and follow the prompts to import your SOS Collab bugs and discussion items into Dragnet. Please note that Dragnet does not support threaded discussions. SOS Collab discussions will be imported in the same format as bugs.

To integrate SOS Classic with Dragnet:

-- in SOS Classic, configure the Bug Tracking URL in the Server Manager>General Settings tab.
For example:

-- in Dragnet, configure the SourceCodeControl Server URL in Setup.
For example:
< sosserver>:8080
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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