Expected a 300 Success, but got a 420 (FailedDatabaseOpen)

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Expected a 300 Success, but got a 420 (FailedDatabaseOpen)

Post by lbauer » Tue Feb 01, 2005 4:14 pm

This is an SOS Command Line Client error.

Error 420 is a "failed to open database" error. This error message means
the SourceSafe database could not be opened for some reason. The path
name specified in the -database parameter needs to point directly to the
srcsafe.ini file for the database.

Please verify that the database pathname is correct. Is the SOS Server on the same machine as the VSS database? If not, try using the UNC pathname (\\machine\path\to\file) for the database.

Also, if you are running the Command Line Client on a Unix machine, you will need to escape the back slashes, i.e. \\\\machine\\path\\to\\file.

To find out what the exact database path is, run the following command:

soscmd -command GetDatabases -server servername:port

The database name returned by this command is the name that should be
used for the -database parameter.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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