Installing the SOS Server in a DMZ

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Installing the SOS Server in a DMZ

Post by lbauer » Tue Mar 02, 2004 3:44 pm

First, make sure that the SourceOffSite server is being run by an account with the same name and password as a domain account which has access to the SourceSafe database.

Also, in Windows 2000, there is the ability to set up a trusted network. As this problem is one of permissions, the Domain with the SourceSafe database must trust the machine in the DMZ. In order to make this work, set up a domain trust.

A domain trust is a relationship established between domains that enables users in one domain to be authenticated by a domain controller in the other domain. The authentication requests follow a trust path.

A trust path is the series of trust relationships that authentication requests must follow between domains. Before a user can access a resource in another domain, Windows 2000 security must determine whether the trusting domain (the domain containing the resource the user is trying to access) has a trust relationship with the trusted domain (the user's logon domain). To determine this, the Windows 2000 security system computes the trust path between a domain controller in the trusting domain and a domain controller in the trusted domain.

The following Microsoft KB article has some additional information about how to set up a trusted domain.


and search for: Q228477

We believe you only would need to specify a one-way non transitive trust from the machine where the SourceSafe database resides to the Windows 2000 machine where the SourceOffSite server resides.

Additionally, the SOS server machine must be able to communicate with the machine which holds the VSS database on ports 137, 138, and 139.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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