SourceOffSite 3.x not fully supported on Windows 2003 Server

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SourceOffSite 3.x not fully supported on Windows 2003 Server

Post by lbauer » Thu Jan 15, 2004 3:11 pm

The SourceOffSite 4.0 is fully supported on Windows 2003 Server or any Windows OS that does not support the MS Java Virtual Machine.

The SOS 3.5.3 client is fully supported on Windows 2003. However, the SourceOffSite 3.5.3 server is another matter.

Running the SourceOffSite server 3.5.3 on Windows 2003 is not officially supported because
the Java Virtual Machine is not officially supported by Microsoft on Windows 2003.

However, we do have many customers running the server on W2K3 server machines.
The primary obstacle seems to be getting the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine installed.
If the operating system was installed "clean" (i.e. not an upgrade),
you can most likely install the JVM available from our website at

If the OS was upgraded and the JVM was previously installed, matters are more
complicated and we suggest you install SOS Server on a machine with a different OS or upgrade to SOS 4.0.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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