Converting a Web Project from VS.Net 2003

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Converting a Web Project from VS.Net 2003

Post by Tonya » Tue May 23, 2006 2:39 pm

When converting a VS.Net 2003 project, the Visual Studio 2005 Conversion Wizard will appear after the project has been opened. Once the conversion wizard has been successful, the solution and project files are checked out. These files will need to be checked in.

Converting a Web Project from VS.Net 2003 to 2005 unbinds the project from source code control and then re-adds it as a new project with no history information. This process is done by Visual Studio 2005 and is unrelated to SourceOffSite.

An alternative would be to open the Web Project from Source Control. This method will save all of the file history for the project.

See How to Open a Web Project from Source Control using VS 2005:

For more information on coverting web projects, see this guide from Microsoft: ... tsvs05.asp[/i][/b][/i]

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