New features and bug fixes in SOS 4.1

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New features and bug fixes in SOS 4.1

Post by jclausius » Thu Dec 16, 2004 2:30 pm

Here is a partial list of the features and bug fixes found in SOS 4.1.

(For new features in SOS 4.0, see this link:

SOS 4.1 is a free upgrade for licensed 4.0.X users.

New Features in 4.1

1. SOS 4.1 now integrates with Dragnet, SourceGear's new bug tracking system.

2. GUI Client for Mac OS X. The Mac OS X Client is now an officially supported platform.

3. New option for always skipping files that are checked out and modified when performing a Get Latest with automatic merge.

4. Command Line Client option for creating an interactive shell, making it easier to perform multiple commands outside of a script.

5. 4.0 features of the Windows GUI Client were added to the Unix GUI Clients.

Bugs Fixed in 4.1

The following bugs that existed in SOS 4.0 were fixed in 4.1. This is not a complete list, but only a list of those considered to be of greatest interest to the majority of our customers.

1. The length of protocol headers are no longer limited to 1024 characters, which caused problems with long comment strings and multiple database aliases.

2. Pin icon on a shared file no longer disappears when the unpinned share is checked out.

3. Client won't crash when encryption is used with compression turned off.

4. Check In button is now enabled for Edited files in the Search Results dialog.

5. Show Differences now works on a file which had a name case change in the repository.

6. IDE Client - SOS now supports integration with Smart Device projects.

7. IDE Client - Recursive Get Latest now works after new projects are added to solutions using VSS.

8. Unix Client - SOS doesn't crash on Solaris 64-bit kernel.

9. Unix Client - Choosing "yes" to lose changes during an Undo Check Out will now replace the local copy.

10. Command Line Client (CLC) - No longer leaks memory during Get Latest and other operations.

11. CLC - Secure connections now work using database aliases.

12. CLC - "time" option now works independently of the "soshome" option.

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