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Post by lbauer » Wed Jan 03, 2007 9:03 am

These errors in the SOS Server log indicate a user is trying to connect to the SOS Server, but there are no more user licenses available:
Server Exception (411): UNAUTHORIZED_USER
Exception during Login: UNAUTHORIZED_USER
Login Server Error - 411
First, check the System Info tab in the Server Manager in the SOS Server directory. How many licenses do you have? Are they permanent or demo serial numbers? If you have a demo serial number, has it expired?

Next, check the Users tab in the Server Manager. If you have 10 licenses and 10 users, and a user not on the User list tries to log in, they will get an error.

If some users no longer will be using SOS, you can safely delete Users in the Users tab. When users log into to the VSS database via SourceOffSite, the SOS Server will automatically add the users name to the Users tab until all the licenses have been taken up.

Note: each SOS user must have a VSS user account in order to access the VSS database. The SOS Server Manager Users tab is for license management, rather than for user account management. User accounts are handled by the VSS Admin Client.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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