"Page not Found" error in Windows Client

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"Page not Found" error when accessing bug tracking or discussion from the Windows Client

Logging in from the Windows client and clicking on bug tracking or discussions causes a "Page not Found" error page to be displayed.

If the SOS Collab web server is installed on a PC behind a firewall and that web server has a different IP address inside versus outside the firewall, the following steps will enable SOS Collab to function properly.

First, configure the firewall to tunnel relevant ports to the SOS Collab web server. Usually, this will be the cause when trying to connect to a fully qualified domain name. You can check whether or not a firewall is causing the problem by trying to connect directly via a web browser. If IE or Netscape is unable to connect to the SourceOffSite Collab web server, most likely something in the network is blocking transmission of data. Fixing this would require changing your firewall configuration settings.

Alternatively, if you are able to connect via a web browser, or are trying to connect via an IP address, the problem could be caused by SOS Collab trying to reach the wrong address. To fix this, enable the web server override option. This option is accessible via the main login dialog. When logging in, hit "Options >>". Check the web server override option, and enter the external name of the web server.

One of the purposes for including the "Web Server Override" option in the SOS Collab Client is for users using Network Address Translation. If this option is not enabled and the external address of the Web Server not provided on login, the SOS Collab Client will try to connect to the Web Server using parameters defined in the "sosce_config.xml" file.

By editing the sosce_config.xml file and replacing all instances of the web server name with its new IP address you could get access to the web portions of SOS Collab without using the web override option.
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