Unable to connect to the source code control project

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<p>Unable to connect to the source code control project "$/.../.." Do you wish to re-attempt this connection in future sessions?</p>
<p>It is possible that some changes where made to the project outside of the
IDE and the IDE Client is having trouble loading the changes properly.
In this case, we suggest trying to retrieve the project afresh from
Source Control.</p>
<p>In Visual C++, you can do this with the following steps:
<li> Using the SOS Collab Windows Client, do a complete Get Latest Version of the project.

<li> Load the project you want to retrieve into VC++. This can be done by selecting Open Workspace,
finding the necessary .dsw or .dsp file and choosing Open. The project will open under no source
control (shown by the white file icons).

<li> Select the Project > Source Control > Add to Source Control menu item (or alternately,
under the FileView window, right-click <projectname>files and select Add to Source Control).
The SOS Collab Connect to Server dialog should appear for you to log in to SOS Collab.

<li> Log in to the correct Server and select the database that the project exists in. You
should then see the dialog:

"SourceOffSite Collab - Add/Connect to SourceSafe Project"
You will be using this dialog for connecting to the existing project.
<ol type=a>
<li>Clear the contents of the Project: box at the top of the dialog.
<li>Set the correct Working Folder at the bottom of the dialog.
<li>In the project tree, select the full path to the VC++ project you want to retrieve in the SourceSafe database.
This should be the folder where the .dsp (and/or .dsw) file resides.
<li>Verify again that the Project name field is empty, the project is selected and a working folder is set.<br>
<li>Select OK.
<li> After SOS Collab downloads the file lists, you should get prompted with a dialog that states
"A ... project with the same name already exists ... Do you want to reconnect ..."
Select Yes.

<li> Source Control integration should now be enabled and the next time you open the
project, it should be under Source Control.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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