Avoid multiple login prompts with Visual Studio

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How to avoid multiple login prompts when first loading a project into Visual Studio
<p>When reloading a project that is already under source code control, you will be prompted to connect
and log into SOS Collab more than once. </p>
<p>In order to avoid multiple login prompts when loading a project in Visual Studio, users
should enable the SOS Collab option to "Always connect to last server". This option is set by
accessing the Options menu item in Visual Studio. </p>
<li><b>Visual Basic</b> -- the option is under Tools --> SourceOffSite --> Options -->
Advanced --> General.
<li><b>Visual C++</b> -- the option under Tools --> Options --> Source Control --> Advanced --> General.
<li><b>Visual Studio.NET</b> -- choose "SourceControl" and then "SCC Provider". Click the "Advanced"
button on the dialog, which launches the SOS Collab Options dialog. The "Always connect to last
server" option is on the General tab.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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