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"Error opening XML file (-2147217843) ; [Microsoft][ODBC SQL server drive] [SQL server][Login failed for user gguser]" happens when SourceOffSite Collaborative Server Manager is launched

This error occurs when the SourceOffSite Collab Server Manager is unable to communicate with the SQL or MSDE database. When the SOS Collab Server Manager is started, it uses the System DSN. If a system DSN is not specified, the SourceOffSite Collab server manager will not be able to connect to the MSDE or SQL database containing the relevant program information.

If the SQL Server Manager is on the same machine as the SourceOffSite Collab server, make sure that the data source is using SQL authentication and not Windows authentication. To verify this, go to Control Panel->Data Sources->System DSN -> gg_sql_server ->Configure.

If the SOS Server Manager and SQL database are on different machines, go to Control Panels and open the Data Source Control panel. Choose the System DNS tab and select Add in order to add a system data source. Follow the instructions of the wizard choosing SQL server as the database type. Now enter the server information specific to your configuration. This will now allow the SourceOffSite Collab server manager to be launched from this new machine even though the SQL database is located elsewhere.
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