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"Invalid web deploy path configured for project $/web_project" appears in the SourceOffSite Collab Primary Server log file.

This error could happen due to one of the following reasons.

First, it is possible that the wrong deploy path is configured. This can be fixed by launching the SourceOffSite Collab Server Manager, clicking on the "SourceSafe" tab, clicking on the SourceSafe Project to be deployed, and then modifying the deploy directory. Check the path entered to make sure that it points to a valid path. We recommend using a UNC pathname when specifying the path to the deploy directory residing on a different machine from the SOS Collab Primary Server.

Another reason this error might occur is due to lack of access permissions to the folder where the SourceSafe Project is being deployed. For example, this could happen if the drive were not accessible, or if the user account that the Primary Server service runs as does not have permissions to the deploy drive or the specific directory on that drive. On Windows 2000, right click the Primary Server service name, and select Properties. Choose the "Log On" tab and make sure the system is not running as the Local System account, but rather a user account that has appropriate permissions set.
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