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Source Code Control

<li> Labels with deleted files and subprojects are now correctly retrieved.<br><br>
<li>Label name is now shown directly in History dialog just like VSS.<br><br>
<li>Set working folder now defaults to the primary drive rather than c:\. <br><br>
<li>More descriptive error messages are displayed for a variety of operations when a user does not have sufficient VSS project rights.<br><br>
<li>SourceOffSite now performs pinning from the Automation component rather than the VSS command line. <br><br>
<li>File types are no longer case sensitive for the File Groups or Excluded file types. <br><br>

<li> Inactive users no longer appear in combo boxes.<br><br>
<li>Trying to connect to the broadcast port no longer crashes the server. <br><br>
<li>You are now able to add an attachment while posting a discussion in the Common project.</li><br><br>
<li>Various pages no longer display an error if re-authentication was required before submission of data.<br><br>
<li>There is now a preference to allow notification email to be displayed correctly for email clients that accept HTML mail. </li><br><br>
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