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I am having trouble in SOS Collab to Get files to my Working Directory from a version in the Show History past.

The steps I take are : Right click and choose Show History, Select Include file histories, Select Recursive, Enter dates in the From To, Click OK. This brings me up a page with the history of files changed.

In VSS, this page allows me to click on a file and select Get and then it prompts me for getting all files that are of the same date/time as this file.

In SOS Collab, the Get button is disabled.

Any ideas? What more information do you need from me to help debug?

Also, as a side question - Is it possible to use VSS as well as SOS within the same development effort. I'm a big fan of VSS and find it does everything I need. Can't I just let the rest of the people on the team use SOS and set my VSS to point to the same .ini file as the Primary Server of SOS Collab? Will this cause any problems in synchronization?


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 10:58 pm
This is a known bug. This operation is not supported in SOS Collab. The bug is that it appears to be available.

VSS and SOS Collab users can work on the same VSS database. However, there can be a sychronization problem if the Performance Cache is enabled in the SOS Collab Server Manager.

To improve SOS Collab performance, file lists are cached on the server side. If a VSS user makes a change to the tree, the SOS Collab users will not see it until the SOS Collab Server is restarted.
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