Primary Server quits.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 12:47 pm

I have SOS Collab and I have noticed that sometimes when I am in SOS the Primary Server just quits. I have to start it up again. The log file reads:

01/14/2003 15:58:40 - SourceOffSite Collaborative Edition Primary Server exiting [errorlevel=0]

I decided to turn on debug logging and see what I get in the log next time this event occurs. I got nothing better then the above. What can I do the keep this from happening?


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PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 2:23 am
We've had reports of SOS Collab Server "hangs" due to a bug in the Visual SourceSafe Automation component. SOS Collab uses this to communicate with the VSS database.

The following KB article refers to SOS Classic, but VSS issues are the same for SOS Collab. (SOS Collab should not have a problem with network cards, however, so you can disregard that part of the KB article.)
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