SOS Collab Windows Client is very slow to start up

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 4:54 am
SOS Collab Windows Client takes about an hour from connecting till the Project tree appears in the left hand pane. Once the project tree has loaded every thing works fine. There is no delay in loading the source code tree. The problem appears to be progressively worsening. Originally the delay was only a minute or so and it has been growing. The developers had got round it by simply leaving their session open permanently. However we now have some users who do not have that option.

The Problem appears on computers connecting from both the LAN and the WAN, they are all running under XP and XPsp2. It appears for all users

While the client is waiting it uses 100% of the processor on the client machine. There is very little network traffic from the client to the server during this period. There is no noticeable load on the server.

We have around 50 open projects, most users are members of a large fraction of them.

Hope you can point me in the right direction.


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:12 am
Does it make a difference if you restart the SOS Primary Server service?

If only one person is accessing SOS Collab, is it faster?

Is performance slow in Web Client or web-enabled features of the Windows Client as well as the project list?

Open a web browser on the machine hosting SOS Collab Servers and type http://localhost. (If the web server is running on a port other than 80, type http://localhost:). Is the login page displayed quickly? Can you access Bug Tracking or Discussion quickly? If using "localhost" is faster than using the domain name or IP address of the server, then network issues may need to be resolved.

Is the SOS Collab Server logging to a log directory on the same machine?

Run a Traceroute from the client machine to the SOS Collab Server machine. How many hops are there? Run a Traceroute from the Primary Server to the Web Server.

What is the configuration of the SOS Server machine -- RAM, processor, etc.? Are other applications competing for system resources?

It would be helpful to see copies of your log files.

In the SOS Collab Server Manager, enable debug support logging in the Primary Server General -> Logging tab and in the Web Server General ->Debug logging and Access logging tabs.

Perform the operations which are particularly slow, then send me copies of the sosce_log.txt, sosceweb_access.txt, and sosceweb_log.txt from the SOS Collab Servers->Logs directory on the SOS Collab Servers machine. (Be sure to set logging back to Quiet, since these logs can quickly become huge.)

Also, please send a copy of the copy of the sosce_config.xml file from the SOS Collab Servers directory. This will provide us with your SOS Collab servers configuration information. Email to Linda at
Linda Bauer
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