Rookie question - allow team members overwrite DLLs?

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Hi there,
This may have been covered before, but I haven't had any luck with search, so apologies if I'm asking anyone to repeat themselves.

We have a VS 2005 website solution which includes a class library project. We use SOS to make sure we can all edit our class files and web pages together without any risk. The entire project is stored within SOS, including all of the dlls and object files created during compile. This is the best arrangement for us, really, because as well as being a pure source-control application, SOS is also serving as a repository. We can easily deploy our project to another machine using SOS.

The problem is that when one of us wants to compile we have to check out all DLLs and object files so that VS can overwrite them. Ideally we'd like to have them included in SOS but allow anyone to overwrite at any time. Is there a solution, or should we instead remove them from SOS?


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When working with an integrated IDE, it is best to let the IDE control
how things should work (working directories, what files are stored,
etc.) With that, it is recommended to not store the files in the
database at the same path where a compilation does its work.

If you still want to store them there, you could create a NEW folder
in a different folder, and have a POST compilation step copy the output
(.dlls) to that new folder. Doing this though would require that you check them out when doing a build.

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yeah, seems like checking out before a build is the way to go.


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