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I have mistakenly clicked "Clear VSS User Associations" under the Tools menu of the SourceOffSite Collab Client. I am still able to login to the SOS interface but I am prompted for my VSS database credentials when I attempt to access files. This could be expected of course, but when entering my VSS credentials (which work when using MS VSS directly) returns "Incorrect VSS Username or Password. Try Again?" and will bounce me back to the VSS database login prompt.

How might I fix this and reassociate my VSS username with my SOS account?

Any help is appreciated.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:52 pm
To double-check: are you a valid user in the VSS database configured in the SOS Collab Server Manager? Are you using your VSS username and password to log in (rather than your SOS Collab username)?

If you still cannot log in to the VSS database, there may be a permissions problem. In Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services, check the account used in the logon as option for the SOS Collab Primary Server. If you are using a System account, try changing it a Domain user account or a Domain admin account. If your VSS database is on another machine, this should give the server service adequate permission to access the VSS database.
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