Get By Label Very Slow?

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Get By Label Very Slow?

Post by StephenJ » Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:19 am

We have been using Vault and overall I'm very satisfied with the product. It's heads above VSS and great for our team in terms of feature/cost ratio.

Now, on to the question. Our application is a web project, so we deal with many small files. We have a build system that labels our project for every build. Our build process works like this:

0. We use Visual Build Professional to manage our build steps
1. I manually checkpoint a baseline "Get" of the last Label that was released to production into a Baseline directory.
2. On each build I label the repository as the current build number
3. On each build I do a get latest based on that build number
4. We use Beyond Compare to comapre the latest to the baeline
5. Beyond compare outputs a Zip file, a diff file, etc.

These steps ensure I know exactly what code went to our test environment, even if it doesn't go to production. Which is why I don't label only live builds. As time has gone on we have about 600 labels in the system, 2-3 for every production release and a couple of hundred during the "figuring out the build process" stage. And as time has gone on the repository has maybe grown a few hundred megs, but the initial label and the get (steps 2 and 3) are taking longer and longer.

What specific steps can I take to speed this up? Cache clearing on the build machine? Etc. General performance is good, which is why I'm looking for specifics around this area.

If it helps, a "Show Labels" also takes a long long time, maybe 1-2 minutes or more sometimes to show. We're running version 4.1.1 and I've upgraded the SQL server to SP2 finally, though we encountered a failure in installing one of the KBs. That KB did not seem related to performance. Also, we run a regular maintenance job on the database every morning.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Post by Beth » Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:54 am

What kinds of things are being done in your regular maintenance? The things we recommend are list in this KB article: Maintenance: Vault server database. We also have some suggestions for getting the best performance possible in this KB article: Recommendations for optimal Vault performance.

How fragmented are your disks?