SccLocalPath in solution file for web project

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SccLocalPath in solution file for web project

Post by Tri » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:22 am


Can you please help me to understand better the value of SccLocalPath in a VS2003 solution file? I have two solutions files where SccLocalPath contains different values and seems to work OK. I would like to know how Vault interprets the real path for a web project in case the solution is moved. Below is a test solution file to illustrate the question.

VS2003, create blank solution, add to source control. Then add new web project, check in (and add project under the solution Vault Folder).

Code: Select all

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 8.00
Project("{FAE04EC0-301F-11D3-BF4B-00C04F79EFBC}") = "MyTestWebApp", "http://localhost/MyTestWebApp/MyTestWebApp.csproj", "{3A55E6C7-557E-4D4B-B1F5-F4D92FE71416}"
	ProjectSection(ProjectDependencies) = postProject
	GlobalSection(SourceCodeControl) = preSolution
		SccNumberOfProjects = 2
		SccLocalPath0 = .
		CanCheckoutShared = false
		SolutionUniqueID = {4AA1C259-47AA-4F01-948F-0045D847A915}
		SccProjectUniqueName1 = http://localhost/MyTestWebApp/MyTestWebApp.csproj
		SccProjectName1 = $/DangerousExperiment/TESTSolution/MyTestWebApp
		SccLocalPath1 = ..\\..\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\MyTestWebApp
		CanCheckoutShared = false
		SccProjectEnlistmentChoice1 = 2
	GlobalSection(SolutionConfiguration) = preSolution
		Debug = Debug
		Release = Release
	GlobalSection(ProjectConfiguration) = postSolution
		{3A55E6C7-557E-4D4B-B1F5-F4D92FE71416}.Debug.ActiveCfg = Debug|.NET
		{3A55E6C7-557E-4D4B-B1F5-F4D92FE71416}.Debug.Build.0 = Debug|.NET
		{3A55E6C7-557E-4D4B-B1F5-F4D92FE71416}.Release.ActiveCfg = Release|.NET
		{3A55E6C7-557E-4D4B-B1F5-F4D92FE71416}.Release.Build.0 = Release|.NET
	GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
	GlobalSection(ExtensibilityAddIns) = postSolution
Let assume the web root is moved to \inetpub\wwwroot_Release. I open the solution by File / Source Control / Open from Source Control. As expected, VS2003 asks for confirmation to create the MyTestWebApp project under the new web site. When done, VS2003 has correctly set the working folder of the web project to the new path C:\InetPub\wwwroot_Release\MyTestWebApp. The solution works OK, files can be checked out/in OK.

But surprisingly, the solution file seems not to be aware of the new web root. SccLocalPath1 still keeps its old value (..\\..\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\MyTestWebApp)

Question 1: What is the definition of SccLocalPath and how does VS2003 know that the new file location is in wwwroot_Release and not in wwwroot?

Question 2: I edit the solution file and change:

Code: Select all

SccLocalPath1 = ..\\..\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\MyTestWebApp
SccLocalPath1 = http://localhost/MyTestWebApp/
and the solution still works OK (VS can open the solution and file check in/out OK). Does VS2003 / Vault really use the value set in SccLocalPath?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Post by Terence » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:14 pm

Vault doesn't read the Solution or Project files. All of that is handled by Visual Studio. Unfortunately, your question is better suited for Microsoft to answer.

However, Vault does create a MSSCCI.prj file where we make project specific bindings.
Terence McGhee