automatic "needs build" detection?

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automatic "needs build" detection?

Post by matzen » Tue Jan 18, 2005 3:56 am


we have a development project with multiple libraries that are organized in mutliple projects in vault. the binaries of all libraries are stored in one project "bin". when changing the source of project "mydll1" should cause a build of "mydll1.dll".

is there a recommended tool to use with vault for that?


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Post by dan » Tue Jan 18, 2005 8:49 am

Some folks have gotten CruiseControl to work with Vault, but we don't have a SourceGear supported solution yet.

To only have the builds happen when source changes, you will probably need to do some programming on your end. Vault is already set up to send email when source changes, so you could set something up that responds to email messages, or you could hook into the plugin architecture to recieve the events yourself. See Jeremy's blog at ... 04/07.aspx for more info on that.