Adding large solution to Vault

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Adding large solution to Vault

Post by Haacked » Thu Apr 14, 2005 4:04 pm

I'm adding a large solution (via VS.NET) to a remote vault instance and a couple hours into it, I received an error about network connectivity closing the vault session. I clicked "OK" and it responded that I could continue the operation with the new session token.

However since then, the IDE has been unresponsive and I can't tell if anything is going on. It was unresponsive while the add was going on as well. In task manager, the status says it is "Running" but I checked the sqvault.log file an the last modified date was several hours ago. I assume it just stopped the operation.

Is this a problem with VS.NET or Vault or both?

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Post by dan » Thu Apr 14, 2005 4:21 pm

It is likely that the Vault connection got lost somehow. Can you re-invoke VS and start up where you left off, or did it to try to re-add everything?

Does the event viewer on the server have any IIS errors about dropped connections? (I'm assuming you have access to this if you have access the server sgvault.log file).

Did the Vault server log have any connection errors in it?

One thing you can also do is turn on both IDE and general client logging on the client side so if it happens again, it might display something useful. See and for more info