Start over: How do I start over - tell vs2003 no longer to

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Start over: How do I start over - tell vs2003 no longer to

Post by r.delange » Wed May 03, 2006 4:39 pm


OK, I have been using vault for a while - sometimes disconnected, mostly connected. I have checked in and out - but was the only user. Now a new user has joined, and when he has retrieved the latest version, there are lots of errors - and basically the application does not build at all.

Mostly these will probably be my fault - ignoring an error message from time to time - under pressure. So I want to start out fresh - what I have on the local folders is the golden (or at least - working) copy.

I do not want anything from the server to be replicated to the local folder. So my thought process is: can the server, and reload everything.

I have tried to "unbind", but I still see lots of "pending checkings", even though I had updated the server fully before the unbind.

How do I get VS2003 (architect) to no longer think it is under source control?



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Post by dan » Wed May 03, 2006 8:52 pm

Completely removing source control bindings from VS solutions and projects is often an elusive task, as often buried deep with a solution or project file there still remains information that makes it think it is still under source control.

Does VS think the project is no longer bound? (When you bring up the solution/project, does it complain?)

If not, the items in the pending change set may be innocuous. You might also try deleting any .scc or .vssscc files anywhere under the project. You might delete the .suo files too, just to be sure (make sure you back everything up though just in case).

After VS no longer complains, try a brand new Add Solution to Source Control, and that should hopefully put the project into Vault in such a way that your collegue can Get it and build it.