Obliterate takes long time to analyze (3.52)

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Obliterate takes long time to analyze (3.52)

Post by Tri » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:39 am

Client & Server = 3.52 (updated from 3.16)

- Created a branch of a folder for a test, just to verify the the branching operation. The folder is pretty sizable, probably a few 100s subfolders and 1000s files.

- Deleted the newly created branch (There is no content change)

- Use Admin Tool to Obliterate the deleted branch.

The repository has roughly 100,000 files and 8500 folders. There have never been any Obliterate on this repository because this operation was very difficult to use before 3.5x. The form "Analyzing Obliterate Request" is spinning for about 45 minutes. And displays the following error message:

The Vault server could not be contacted to perform the operation. Your network connection to the server may have been interrupted. Please verify your network settings using the Options dialog under the Tools menu in the Vault GUI Client.The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS.Unable to read data from the transport connection.Unable to read data from the transport connection.

The server hardware is pretty powerful and is entirely dedicated to Vault Server. Is there anything wrong for obliterate to take such a long time to perform?

With the Vault Server updated to 3.52. I was hoping that I could finally convince the team leads to do some obliterate. But if this take that long, I am afraid nobody will volunteer for the task.

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Post by lbauer » Thu Aug 16, 2007 3:53 pm

Obliterate is slow, no matter how much "horsepower" you have. You could try increasing the SQL timeout in the Vault.config file. Change it to 3600, for instance.

You could also try using the command line client Obliterate command.
Linda Bauer
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