Problem with Automatic checking out.

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Problem with Automatic checking out.

Post by chrisc_w » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:31 am

One of our users has the following problem.

I meet a problem that the SourceGear Vault failed check out when adding a function. My test procedures are:
1. Both .cpp and .h files for a MFC class are checked in;
2. Go to he MFC class's properties to add a OnPaint function;
3. A Microsoft Visual Studio message box comes out. The message is:
Add/Remove operation is impossible, because the code element 'CDManualMatchTemplates' is read only
4. After click OK, you can see the OnPaint function has been added into the Class view and the ON_WM_PAINT() has been added into message map. No other code (the function definition in .cpp file and the declaration in .h file) has been added.
5. Undo check out, the OnPaint function can still be seen in the Class view window although the ON_WM_PAINT() has been removed in the message map.
6. Close the solution and open it again, the OnPaint function can still be seen in the Class view window although the ON_WM_PAINT() has been removed in the message map of the .cpp file and no file has been checked out.
7. Close the solution and delete the files of .ncb and .suo in the project folder. Open the solution again, the OnPaint function has gone in the Class view window.
8. Check out the MFC class (.cpp and .h) first. Both .cpp and .h file have been checked out properly which can be proven from the Vault window.
9. Add the OnPaint function from the property window. It has been successfully added.

As I understand it his changes are not being saved correctly unless he checks out files in vault before working on them in Visual Studio. We are using Visual 2005 and Vault version 4.0.4

Any assistance in resolving his problem would be appreciated.
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Post by Beth » Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:11 pm

This will depend on the settings you are using. If you are using VSS mode, then you have to check out. If you are using CVS mode (only allowed with the VS 2005 VSIP interface), then one can edit with no check outs.

If you are thinking of switching to VSIP to use CVS mode, you will want to do some reading first to make sure that's what you want. It's a process to switch. More on the different interfaces can be found here: New VS2005 client versus existing VS2003 client

Otherwise, the easiest way to deal with this is to have the user check out. There is also an option in VS - Tools - Options - Source Control - Environment that will perform a check out when one starts to edit.